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What am I up too?

Updated: Aug 25, 2019

Hi, So glad you are here and now you get to know what i have been up too, it's been a very busy couple of months. I did a two day show in Jacksonville FL. I was one of the artist at a comic book convention, it was super fun. The process of preparing for the Event was hectic, but a teaching moment. I had to make a supply of my superhero soaps. Also half way through my preparing for my Jacksonville event I had my kitchen floor Renovated. Which made it all the more harder to work, but it also challenged me to work in a not so perfect environment. It also helped me see that this is something I love. My husband even asked at one point that maybe I should back out. That was never a option in my mind. I am a big believer in follow through and not letting inconveniences stop you. So every morning I would clear my counters and let the Floor people do their thing and then I would start soaping in the evening after cleaning all up. Towards the end, I got it all together and was able to move forward. Included is my Table set up at the Convention. #soap #floor #activity

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