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LuZunika has News!!

Good Day all my beauties and gents ,Thiers been a lot going on we are branching out. In March we will be in the Ocala Mall in Silver Spring . I will have my booth Thier 5 days a week. Looking forward in meeting new people and help customer reach Thier skin goals. I started LuZunika out of a skin need that I could not get in a store so decided to make a product with Natural Organic ingredients. As my product helped me I hope I could bring that same help to others. I remind customers that I am here to create a product for you all so if you have skin needs feel free to let me know. Up to now I work with people who I have customized soaps for them, I saw a need once told not all soapers were willing too. I make all my own recipe so I can make the best soap for any needs you might have.

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