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Geek.Culture a Awesome Live podcast on Facebook

Updated: Mar 5, 2020

Good morning 🌅 today I wanted to talk about an awesome group of friends. Jason, Paul and Dale. They live in Ocala FL.locally as I do and they Make a Podcast every Friday on Facebook on their page Geek. Culture at 12pm. They are an average group of people who find way too much enjoyment in all of the needy things in Life. Topics range from movies, Games and anything cool and nerdy, I guarantee you will have fun and be amused. Also, they have an Awesome 10 % off code they will provide you on their podcast on Friday, so check them out, have fun, take advantage of the code and follow them so you don't miss out on fun content and any other discount codes I release 😊

First time I listened to their podcast live It was like spending time with my friends for an hour. They love to respond to comments from their fans and just have fun with the topic they bring to you. So I'm asking for a call to action, please check them out. They also have a patreon account. You can find out more about it on their page. Also again, they will have a code that will also give you discounts on my page.

Also remember to send me a message back on how much you liked the podcast from these great group of friends and what else you would like to see on their page.

Go to Facebook and on the search bar put in Geek.Culture or here is the link ☺️


Again please check them out thier great .

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