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Doing what you can !

Hi awesomeness, I'm a big believer that everyone has a gift. I'm this time of COVID19 and so much uncertainty I decided to take my gift and use it for the Homeless and a Local Woman's Shelter.

Took all my excess soap that I had been thinking maybe I can cut up to make new soaps.I kept thinking I really have too much of it. So decided how can I help?

Decided in making the bars I have in excess multiply ☺️ I made a lil station and started cutting and beveling soap.

Made a good 3 boxes of over 120 each and called 3 places to ask if they accepted soap donations . I received a really big responce of yes and started packing soaps to be given away.

I figured this virus is about cutting it down by washing our hands . I was hoping by sending fun homade soap I would make people wants to wash thier hands more I think hygene is important more than ever.

Since the handsanitizer seem to never be in the store soap . For myself I bought a lil soap travel carrier and when I go out I use. Because how many times have you had to use the bathroom and no hand wash 😱😒

I got a email thanking me that same week on my donation from the Woman's Shelter I was also asked if willing to do classes. Most are new here but I use to give large candle classes . I am a licensed artisan in candle making. Still thinking about it but not sure . Not many know but I was homeless too. Seems so long ago , I always say how much I have lived more than anyone my age should I guess. Seen things you would not believe and had to adapt so much. Lived in the Latham Hotel and towards the end of living with my mom a Family shelter in the Bronx. So this meant a lot to be able to help back then I would never imagine I would own my own home.

So back to we all have a gift. If you know how to do something like sew or crochet or teach this is the time to step up. I have a friend making mask. Kids need teachers and I'm sure thier is online need. If you crochet maybe kids need some cheering up of mask with pocket to put filters anything is better than nothing.Cooks do budgeting cooking recipe and share how people can save money just like you. Bankers start giving financial advise in time of crisis and budgeting. Everyone has ideas and a voice and if you fall in the area of not having a voice you still have knowledge share it. It can brighten and change a life.

Make online groups if your good at talking with others and listening. Know that we are in this pandemic together. Time to get creative, I always said in adversity is when we develop more. I think this has gave us all a wake up call that nothing is certain.

If thier is a way to comment on my post let me know how you have decided to be proactive . Big hug from afar and have a awesome safe day.Remember we all can get thru much more than imagined.

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