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Projects to Come this Week

Updated: Sep 12, 2019

This week I am working on Soaps for Timbeline Farms October Festival they are donating to Domestic Violence and Veterans. Been also working on a contained pour theirs many words for this technique but its a simple but fun pour. Trying to think Fall colors and Halloween color schemes. Its been a rough Weekend and week did the Bee Festival it was awesome but also the 7th marked my dads death. He was Honduran and was killed in his birth country 7 years ago. Maybe I will work on something for him ,his memory. Now 9/11 also is a date that marks when my dad was buried. So this month I keep busy . Yesterday I made a coffee soap with the contained swirl pour. My whole home smells of a coffee store with deep notes of rich brewed coffee. Just wakes up your senses awaken your day.

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